What is The FIRE System?

FIRE system for 401k complianceA New and Unique tool that un-complicates 401(k) compliance! It shows your overall Fiduciary Risk, alerts you to specific issues that need attention and provides you with potential solutions.

Education Benefits & More

Benefits of FIRE systemFind out how Plan Sponsos, Boards, Executives, HR Mgrs, and Internal Auditors all benefit from the FIRE System.

Fast, Easy, Immediate Results

401(k) Compliance - Fast, EasyLearn your Fiduciary Risk Level within minutes just by answering a series of questions in plain straightforward English.


What Makes The FIRE Systemsm Unique:

  • It protects you and your Plan Participants by helping you find and fix your hidden compliance issues.
  • It’s comprehensive - offering you DOL and IRS regulatory interpretations/opinions, Court Decisions and industry best practice information for at least six areas of Provider and Plan Sponsor review where you are responsible for hiring, monitoring, and documenting of any the following providers you retain:
  1. Plan Sponsor/Fiduciary,
  2. Trustee/Corporate Trustee,
  3. Third-Party Plan Administrator
  4. Investment Service Provider including broker, §3(21) and  §3(28)
  5. Record Keeper
  6. §3(16) Plan Administrator
  • It’s independent & unbiased because we’re not an investment company, insurance company, broker-dealer or other service provider.
  • It gives you choices for reducing your Fiduciary risk for fines and lawsuits.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Our goal is to help find and fix compliance issues to help protect you and your Plan Participants.

So why spend hour after hour or spend thousands of dollars, to get biased or limited advice when you can quickly find out your 401(k) Plan’s and your Fiduciary Risk Level, Issues and Solutions? 


Did You Know? 
...…the average claim cost is over $800,000 and defense costs are up 471%." More>>