FAQ - Ignite Fiduciary Sales System


  • What is the Ignite Sales System?    See more

Ignite Sales System is an innovative sales system that combines sales and compliance. It is a strategic sales system.

A user-friendly comprehensive sales program to increase sales, reduce compliance issues and reduce risk in the retirement plan industry built by independent, unbiased professionals who have been in the retirement plan, investment and fiduciary industries for over 70 years combined. The system was written in Plain-English to help the providers and the plan fiduciaries.

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  • What are the service provider's benefits of using it?   See more

There are many benefits including:

  1. Increases Sales
  2. Increases Sales Efficiencies
  3. Maximizes Income Per Client
  4. Enhances Client Relations/Communication
  5. Enhances Credibility
  6. Strengthens Client Retention And Loyalty
  7. Strengthens Fiduciary/Retirement Education
  8. Reduces De-facto Or Real Fiduciary Risk
  9. Reduces Compliance Issues

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The program has many features and can include some or all of the following:

  1. Four Step Sales Process
  2. Collateral Materials such as Handouts to Educate
  3. Templates to Use with Plan Sponsors
  4. Live Webinars For You and Your Clients/Prospects
  5. Training
  6. Live Sales Support

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The primary groups that benefit include:

  1. Service providers and plan fiduciaries both benefit. Service providers benefit by being able to easily distinguish themselves from competitors. Once the plan sponsor becomes educated and understands, they will never go back to a “sales” only provider.
  2. Plan sponsor fiduciaries also benefit. A better educated plan sponsor reduces their fiduciary risk, both professionally and personally and helps their participants by hiring better providers, to reduce regulatory and legal risks. All of these plan sponsor benefits also reduces risk to the service providers. Remember regulators look at all who touch the plan--a true win-win.
  3. And of course the participants benefit from educated plan sponsors and the best providers that fit their needs.

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  • What type of retirement plans is this right for?    See more

All types of retirement plans – although they are best for ERISA §401(k) and pension plans. Many of the collateral pieces also work well with non-ERISA plans because they are still fiduciaries and fiduciaries laws in states do not differ much from federal law for the basic issues

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  • Is this good only for fiduciary service providers or can non-fiduciary providers such as investment brokers also benefit?See more

The program including collateral material and trainings were designed to help both fiduciary and non-fiduciary service providers specifically RIAs and investment brokers. The training is different to highlight the benefits specific to either group. This is unique to our program.

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