The FIRE System Un-Complicates §401(k) Compliance In 4 Steps:

The FIRE System

Step 1:  FIND Your Compliance Issues

Find your compliance issues easily and quickly using The FIRE System because you need to know your risk level and how vulnerable you are to fines and lawsuits due to non-compliance of common §401(k) issues including Department of Labor regulations, U.S. Treasury codes, interpretations and industry best practices.

Step 2:  INVESTIGATE Solutions

Investigate solutions that can fit your §401(k) Plan because you need to reduce your personal and Plan Fiduciary Risk.  Each Plan is different and so are the solutions.  There is no one size fits all.  Finding the right solution is the only choice.

Step 3:  RESOLVE Your Problems

Resolve your problems because it is less costly in time and funds if you resolve your issues before the regulators do.  Part of the resolution is implementing policies, procedures and practices to prevent future compliance issues.  Finding a solution that works is only the first step, you then need to implement them.

Step 4:  EDUCATE Your Fiduciaries, Staff, Board Members & Participants

Because everyone involved with your §401(k) Plan needs to understand what being a Fiduciary is and how to administer the Plan in a way to prevent or mitigate compliance issues in the future.   ERISA can be complicated.   You cannot delegate away your Fiduciary Duty, but by educating you and all those involved with your Plan, there are many things that can be done to reduce your Fiduciary Risk and to make your plan and duties cost-effective and efficient.

The FIRE System does it all!

We understand how complex a 401(k) can be and trying to keep up with the various providers and regulations can be time consuming and confusing.

So Before You Waste Any More Of Your Precious Resources Including Time, Take Your Assessment Now And Discover Exactly What Your Fiduciary Risk Level Really Is.


The FIRE System Was Designed With YOU In Mind.

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