What is the Ignite Sales System?

Benefits of FIRE systemFind out how Financial Professionals, CPAs, TPAs, Plan Consultants, ERISA Attorneys and others can all benefit

What is The FIRE System?

FIRE system for 401k complianceAn Innovative and Unique tool that un-complicates 401(k) compliance! It shows your overall Fiduciary Risk, alerts you to specific issues that need attention and provides you with potential solutions.

What is an Assessment Report?

So what is in a Fiduciary Assessment Report? Find out here.


Help Your Plan Sponsors Meet Their Fiduciary Duties!

38% of Plan Sponsors Are Worried About Meeting Their Fiduciary Responsibility,

43% of Plan Sponsors Are Unaware They ARE Fiduciaries,


A Top Objective of Plan Sponsors is to STAY IN Regulatory Compliance?

Help your Plan Sponsor Clients achieve this with The FIRE System and the Ignite Fiduciary Sales System!

It Is Easy To Implement, Cost Effective And Comprehensive.  Best of all, it is turn-key and you stay in control of the relationship!

Our goal is to help find and fix compliance issues to help protect you, your Plan Sponsors and the Plan Participants.

Give Your Plan Sponsors What They Need – an Easy, Cost Effective Tool to Help Them Stay in Fiduciary Compliance.  And you get a stronger, better relationship...

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Did You Know? 
...…the average claim cost is over $800,000 and defense costs are up 471%." More>>