A New and Unique Business Development Tool

Are You Focused on Increasing Your Retirement Plan Business?

How Do You Distinguish Yourself From Your Competitors?


With competition at an all time high and margins shrinking every day, you must adapt.

Our system is built from over 70 years of combined experience in the investment management and retirement plan areas.  It is more than just sales training, it is collateral materials and a system to separate you from your competitors and create long-term clients and form better relationships with the ones you have.

This training is customized to your business and your needs.  The training assists your sales team in creating a plan of attack and the best way to execute it.   We work with you virtually and on-site. 

Let us help you beat your competitors and land new business.

Ignite helps increase sales, retention and profit margins in the retirement plan area while reducing compliance issues. With fees and fiduciary issues in the press every day, this has become a large concern but there is a solution.


The Ignite Fiduciary System includes:

  • Business Development/Sales Systems and Advice including Collateral/Reference and Educational Materials:
    • Charts, checklists and educational pieces that provides easy to understand guidance for all Plan Fiduciaries from the Board Rooms to the front lines to increase sales and client retention.
  • Sales Training, Expert Advice and More:
    • Sales training, webinars, customization, and one-on-one advice.
  • The FIRE System §401(k) Assessment Tool:
    • Identifies plan sponsor compliance issues that require attention and provides solutions.
    • Educates Plan Fiduciaries on their responsibilities based on their plan design and provides action items they need to implement and control.

Various levels of licensing available.

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