The Fire System - AboutThe FIRE Systemsm and Ignite Fiduciary System

The FIRE Systemsm and Ignite were conceived and built by OTB Strategic Consulting, Inc. (OTB) and Akros Fiduciary Management with the input from leading industry professionals and experts including HR\Professionals, Business and Financial Experts, Payroll Specialists, Record Keepers, Third Party Administrators, Plan Fiduciaries, and even Plan Sponsors and their staff.

Both Systems were built to help “un-complicate the complicated” of 401(k) compliance in a timely and cost effective manner and to help YOU, the Plan Sponsor and Fiduciaries, meet your Plan’s and your Participant’s needs.  Click here to learn more about the history of the systems.


About OTB Strategic Consulting, Inc.

The principals at OTB have more than 70 years of experience in defined benefit and defined contribution compliance and fiduciary responsibility arena. We have been on “both sides of the table” as consultants to Plan Sponsors and as Investment Fiduciaries.

We assist plan sponsors and their fiduciaries in identifying issues and providing tailored solutions that mitigate and reduce risk while fulfilling obligations to the 401(k) participants.

The principals have been fiduciaries for over 70 years cumulatively.

We understand firsthand the responsibilities and the challenges of being a Fiduciary.

OTB is completely independent.  It is not an investment company, insurance company, or a broker dealer. We do not receive any referral or product compensation directly or indirectly from broker/dealers (investment representatives), investment companies, record keepers, trustees, banks, insurance companies, CPAs, attorneys, or any other firms associated with your 401(k) Plan. Our advice is based on what is best for you and your Plan - not what is best for us or your providers.

OTB has been providing our clients with customized solutions to meet their individual needs since 2002.