OTB Strategic Consulting has two partner programs to help increase your sales and revenue.  The programs also help to educate your, your clients and prospects on fiduciary duties and retirement plan regulations in a fast and easy to understand way.

Almost 60% of Plan Sponsors think their vendors (you) accept full discretion and liability.  In other words, they think you are a fiduciary.

The Fiduciary Ignite Sales System is a unique system combines education and sales to plan sponsors.  Fees are getting squeezed while plan sponsors are expecting more and more services. 

Most "sales" programs show you the basics of selling, but the Ignite is different.  It provides you with techniques, collateral and templates to help set you apart from your competition.  By educating the plan sponsor, they undestand the differenence between a true Retirement Plan Advisor and a sales person.  Once they become educated, they will never go back.

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The FIRE System now gives you a new and unique Business Development e-compliance tool that is cost-effective and is a time-saving method to help your existing and prospective clients.

In a single client meeting, The FIRE System helps to pin-point DOL and IRS issues your clientsand prospects are having so you can begin helping them immediately.  You become the person they come to for guidance and direction.  Did you know, if something goes wrong in litigation or an examination, they fault you because "you knew better." 

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