The FIRE System is the Only Comprehensive Web-Based, Fiduciary Assessment/Questionnaire for §401(k) Plan Sponsors.

The FIRE System creates ERISA compliance documentation for the plan sponsor's fiduciary duties, oversight and responsibilities.

It helps Plan Sponsors locate their own fiduciary and operational issues.  It helps them become educated regarding the areas of their plan where they are responsible.   It helps them realize THEY are the “Ultimate Fiduciary”.   And it creates an Action Plan and documentation for their files.

An added benefit - It also helps them to understand and appreciate the service provider's responsibilities and increases communication with them.  Contact us for more information. Fiduciary Review Assessment

  • F – Find the Issues
  • I – Investigate Solutions
  • R – Resolve the Issue
  • E – Educate

All that’s needed is a computer and internet connection.  For service providers, that means you can help your Plan Sponsor clients without either of you ever leaving your desks.

Created after hundreds of hours of conversations with Industry Insiders including Plan Sponsors, Third-Party Administrators, Investment Providers, Recordkeepers, and ERISA Attorneys.

This helps Plan Sponsors and Participants, but also helps Service Providers to differentiate themselves, increase client trust through leadership and reduce their and their Plan Sponsor’s risk.

Plan Check-up:

  • For Traditional §401(k), §401(k)(12), or §401(k)(13)
  • Cost-Effective - (less than a Starbuck's a day)
  • Fast – In as little as 45 minutes from Question 1 to “Action Plan”
  • Customized Questionnaires
  • Questions and Solutions Written in Plain English
  • Customized Online and Printed “Action Plan”
  • Comprehensive – Covers About All Aspects of a Plan Sponsor’s Responsibility
  • Covers Almost 100 DOL and IRS Regulations, CFRs, and Interpretations
  • Regulations Cited Are Linked to Cornell Law Website

Service Providers - Contact Us to Find Out How You Can Add This Benefit For Your Plan Sponsor Clients.

Plan Sponsors - Contact Your Service Providers and Request This Service.

Click here for a short video showing you How the FIRE System can Benefit Service Providers, Plan Sponsors, and Participants