There is lots of talk about who has fiduciary responsibility when it comes to a retirement plan. The law is quite clear - the Plan Sponsor is the ultimate fiduciary responsible for the operation and execution of the plan and this cannot be delegated. As one you answer to the regulators, lawyers and the participants no matter who you hire.

Ultimate Fiduciary

The FIRE System can help. This new technology helps Plan Sponsors to identify critical areas of fiduciary and plan non-compliance quickly and easily. Within an hour, Plan Sponsors can begin addressing issues and avoid thousands of dollars in fines, downtime, legal fees, loss of employee loyalty and they can possibly even lower your employee health costs.

Plan Sponsor Responsibilities

The FIRE System is a perfect tool for plan sponsors who want to:

  1. Decrease corporate, fiduciary and personal risks
  2. Strengthen retirement plan/fiduciary governance, compliance and education
  3. Reduce plan costs including potential fines
  4. Increase plan operational efficiencies
  5. Increase freedom to run your business and do your job

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