Versatility and Benefits for Service Providers

The FIRE and Ignite Systems were designed with the flexibility to adapt to a variety of business models.  Being veterans of the investment and retirement plan community, we undersand that one size does not fit all.  Therefore, we designed the Partner Program and the tools to fit many different industries which can provide a variety of results.

  • Retirement Plan Advisor - RIA or Financial Adviser   See more

Investment professionals offer assistance in one of the key areas in a §401(k) plan. Some take on Fiduciary Responsibilities as a §3(38) or a §3(21) while others do not. Running a §401(k) plan is like are running an investment firm inside of their company. They need assistance with being a fiduciary, record keeping, administration, provider selection, asset selection, monitoring of providers, investment education and other duties very similar to an investment company. Investment professionals can be there to help educate them as well as assisting them in learning their duties. You understand what they must do.

The Ignite and  FIRE System provides you with a tool to help guide and educate them with their responsibilities. By doing this, you protect the plan sponsor (including their staff), the participants and even yourself from possible litigation or regulator involvement.

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  • Certified Public Accountant - CPA    See more

CPAs are becoming more and more a trusted advisor to Plan Sponsors. Your largest role to date is often the 5500 financial audit with many expanding into being Third-Party Administrators, Financial Advisors or as plan consultants.  Although many of these roles may not be seen as having fiduciary duties, regulators and creative litigators are making (and winning) the argument that their tasks are fiduciary tasks.

Ignite and the FIRE System are tools which assists CPAs in becoming a better trusted advisor, increasing their businesses and protecting their clients, the plan participant and themselves.

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  • TPA, Record Keeper, HR Outsourcing   See more

In the complicated §401(k) world, plan sponsors more than ever are reaching out to TPAs, Record Keepers, and HR Outsourcing to help them fulfill their fiduciary duties. At the same time, litigators and regulators are looking to see if any of these same groups are “acting” as fiduciaries so they can find additional pocket to sue.

By educating and ensuring your plan sponsors and their representatives understand and perform their fiduciary duties, you protect your plan sponsors, their participants and you.  Educating your clients and prospects also prevent them from leaving you for the “slick” sales person.  An educated fiduciary is your best client – a long term client.

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Regulations, litigation and politicians are dominating the world of being a fiduciary. A plan, now more than ever has to be more than just a document. From personal experience we have found that plan sponsors often feel the operations of their plan are in compliance and they have fulfilled their fiduciary duties because their ERISA attorney says “your plan is in compliance”.

You know this is not the case. You help clients create their §401(k) plan document and review it annually to make sure it meets their goals and the ERISA regulations that apply. Plan sponsors need fiduciary education and compliance in oversight, monitoring and operations to meet their fiduciary duties. They naturally believe you provide this with a simple review of the SPD and the plan document each year.

Adding the use of the Ignite and the FIRE System gives you the tools to immediately review the compliance of a plan to find issues you can help fix and educate your plan sponsors on as it relates to their roles and responsibilities.

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Plan consultants often fill the gap between service providers and attorneys. You educate, streamline, help keep the plans in compliance, …basically whatever is needed to help plan fiduciaries.

The Ignite and the FIRE System readily gives you the practical tools to help grow and streamline your business. Our tools can be customized and private labeled to help you remain the “go to” person to help your plan sponsors.

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The Ignite and FIRE System provides you with tools to help you and your clients.

Contact us if you want to:

  • Expand Services/Enhance/Broaden Product Line
  • Increase Revenue
  • Strengthen Credibility
  • Improve Customer Retention
  • Increase Lifetime Customer Value
  • Reduce Compliance Issues
  • Strengthens Retirement Plan/Fiduciary Education
  • Improve Productivity