§401(k) Plans are more than a list of mutual funds.  They are more than a simple plan document. Fiduciaries are responsible personally and professionally to ensure that the participants are protected.

  1. The FIRE System was designed by independent retirement and fiduciary specialists.
  1. We do not (nor are looking to) manage assets, perform record keeping or become a trustee. We receive no compensation from third-parties, and we do not attempt to sell you investment products.
  1. We do not want to replace your service providers. We want to help you work with them to bring your Plan into compliance and help you work more together more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  1. No hidden fees! No hidden agendas!
  1. We know first hand.  We have been Plan Fiduciaries and and been through regulatory audits.

Fire System Information

Participant lawsuits are on the rise.  The government is hiring more auditors.  Costs are rising. The rules and regulations are becoming more complicated.

Being a fiduciary is difficult, especially if you are a Board member.  As such, you wear two hats – one to the shareholders and one to the plan participants.  Many times there are conflicts with those two roles.   Having an independent source to help guide and advise you is important.

Finding complete and independent advice to set up or maintain your §401(k) is difficult. Usually consultants only advise on one area and are often looking at becoming a vendor to your Plan. This type of advice can be limited and may be biased.

We are here to help “un-complicate the complicated” rules and regulations of pension and defined contribution plans and help you understand them.